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BROKEN, featuring Award-Winning veteran actress Beverly Todd, is a short film exploring the devastating effects untreated Mental Illness has on families struggling to cope & the broken health system that fails them.


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Filmmaker Jillian Reeves

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Layla raised her daughter Ebony to become an intelligent, ambitious, caring young woman. By the time she graduated from high-school, it appeared Layla had succeeded: Ebony  was on her way to medical school at UCLA and had a bright future ahead of her. However, Ebony's mental health began to decline, and she was soon diagnosed with a Mental Illness. Unaware of her sickness, Ebony discontinues use of her medication, and soon finds herself on the streets and in and out of various treatment centers. When decides to break into Layla’s apartment, Layla is forced to reconcile the past and swallow hard truths about the future.

Broken Trailer


Beverly Todd


The iconic @thebeverlytodd (Crash, Lean On Me, The Bucket List, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs, Moving)  graces us with her presence & talent as GRANDMA WRIGHT. 

Jillian Reeves


Multi-talented Writer, Director @theonlyjillian (Media, Grey's Anatomy, CSI)  plays the role of LAYLA.

Ariel Brown


 Uber talented (a young Viola 🙌🏾), Multi-Artist @ari_elizabeth26 (Grownish, Laugh Mobbs Laugh Tracks) is EBONY. She is definitely a rising 🌠 

Makenzie Lee-Foster


 Outstanding Child actress & Author @makenzieleefoster (This Is Us, The Broken Rose) is our adorable YOUNG EBONY 

Scott Subiono


 The incredible @scottsubiono (Snowfall, Vice, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D) & recently cast in Joel Coen 's new film opposite some Serious Star power is EUGENE. 

Jonathan T. Floyd


JONATHAN (NCIS, Port Charles) a lifetime member of the Actors Studio & just coming off HBO untitled drama about the Lakers is OFFICER WALLACE.

Zac Cantone


Zac, an actor and writer, known for Dark Hours: Typee , The Way That I Am with You & See You In Heaven  is OFFICER MURPHY


Jillian Reeves - Actor/Writer/Director


 This versatile actress has most recently graced the screen in her breakout performance as Giselle Marks in TVOne's Media. She's also had recurring roles on Young and the Restless and  CSI:Miami, guest spots on shows including Grey's Anatomy, Masters of Sex and Game of Silence.  

She is making her directorial debut with the film Broken and is excited to bring this timely and important story to the big screen. 

Landi Maduro - Producer



When she's not touring  internationally with her acclaimed documentary, The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer In The African American Community, writer, producer, director Landi Maduro, is hard work running her production company Bluechild Entertainment.

She is also the proud organizer of Women of Color Filmmakers, an organization that supports female filmmakers as they pursue careers in film and television.

Pablo Chasseraux - Director of Photography



Born in Brazil, now a resident in L.A. with an O1 Visa (Alien Extraordinary Abiliity), Pablo has worked as a cinematographer in over 27 countries.  

He's received several international awards - most recently the Best Photography Award - Hoboken Film Festival, New York - 2017, for the film Another Forever (now on Netflix). 

Broken Crew!


Full list of BROKEN Crew (imdb)

  • Director/Writer/Prod: Jillian Reeves
  • Executive Producers: Ericka Malone & Jillian Reeves 
  • Co-Producer: Landi Maduro
  • Producers: Michelle Coons, Will Conley, Johnathan Floyd, Stelio Savante, Carole Murphy
  • Associate Producer: Christina De Leon
  • Director of Photography:Pablo Chasseraux
  • Assistant Camera: Angelo Mazza
  • 1st AD: Landi Maduro
  • Gaffer: Foster Corder
  • Art Department: Janelle Tucker
  • Wardrobe: Adriane Shown
  • Sound Engineer: Mark Henry
  • Grips: Randal 
  • Hair/Make Up: Unique Chung, Gina Esponiza
  • UPM: Katia Belas
  • Script Supervisor: Xavier Bias
  • Set Photographer/Stand-in: Vicktoria King

The Camera

Arri Alexa Mini


The ALEXA line continues to be the Industry standard for Hollywood professional filmmakers. 

Zeiss Supreme Primes


The unique quality of these Professional lenses is a gentle sharpness that renders a crisp but organic look. 



Shout out to the Amazing team at Becine Gear!

The Cause

Why Our Film Deserves your Support


Polite society says we're not supposed to talk about it.  That is the problem with stereotypes that create Stigma.  It encourages us to hide the very thing that needs the light.  We are committed to end the stigma involving mental health and helping people understand that they are not alone in their suffering, their grief or their frustration at the broken system & policies that do not serve them.

We are making this film to change the conversation around mental illness.  Mental health is something that touches all of our lives, which is what makes it all the more baffling that we talk about it so infrequently and so ineffectively. It is perhaps because mental health problems are so pervasive that we have failed to face it head-on, failed to address it adequately, failed to do anything but push it away into a corner, ignoring it and hoping that it will go away on its own. If you have ever found yourself close to mental health problems, though, then you know that they almost never go away on their own – that they require attention and care, just like any other illness.  The people often walk by on the street without thinking twice are our parents, children, siblings, veterans, teachers, artists....  They are our most vulnerable and this is a subject that desperately needs more attention, empathy and action.

I wrote BROKEN after my family was impacted by a mental health crisis. I began to volunteer at  NAMI where I heard COUNTLESS heartbroken parents, spouses and children share similar stories of their afflicted loved ones.  As I shared my story with friends, many of them confided in me that they too had a loved one (often estranged) that suffered from one of these  conditions. NAMI estimates 1 in 4 adults in America experience a mental illness & nearly 1 in 25 adults in America live with a serious mental illness.  The massive increase in homelessness related to mental illness in America is only one manifestation of a system gone terribly wrong.

Millions of people are suffering in silence and I say that needs to end today.  

My goal with this film is not only to start a conversation but to transform the  conversation from guilt, shame and embarrassment to  empathy, understanding and activism.  



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